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376. The O'Hara family of Granard, County Longford, Ireland
My grandfather Thomas O'Hara came to America from Granard, County Longford, Ireland around 1908. His father was Michael O'Hara and his mother was Mary Kerr. Most of my grandfather's family came to America. Henry O'Hara and sisters Annie and Julie. One brother Bernard O'Hara stayed in Ireland. One brother in Ireland worked well into his 80's delivering mail by bicycle. My g.f. Thomas O'Hara also had half brothers and sisters. Some of his half brothers made it big in horse racing. There is a O'Hara pub in Granard, County Longford, Ireland. I wonder if it's my O'Hara line that owns it? Any relatives out there?
Thomas Heege
by  Thomas Heege

377. Does David Patrick O'Hara have a fan club address? Etc?.
by  Helen Tabor O'Hara

378.Descendants of Robert O`Hara and Ann Hurley (4 Generations)
Hi there,
I was told to send this info to you so that you could see if this group belongs to your clan, and if so if you could add to it.
pdf file
html file
Tom Young
by  Tom Young

379.Looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara born about 1820
Looking for ancestors of Abraham O'Hara born about 1820 and lived in Molunkus Maine from 1850 on. His mother was born in Lower Canada and father in Ireland. O'Hara's in the Aroostook Maine area are probably related to some of his children. Please contact me. Thanks
Madeleine O'Hara
by  Madeleine O'Hara (1)

380. Colleen Marie O'Hara decended from Edward O'Hara and Regina Bailey. Father Frank O'Hara taught at Notre Dame and was a great uncle. William Francis and Colleen Thompson are our parents originated in Ireland and came to PA. Glass blowing was their trade, went to Marion, IN and from there to South Bend, IN. I havent seen anyone in Indiana.
by  Colleen Marie O'Hara

381. Any info on Father Frank O'Hara from Nortre Dame, IN ?
Any Indiana O'Hara's out there! Don't you just love our name! I am really surprised there are not more Colleen O'Hara's out there!! I will keep my name forever no matter what! I just happened on this site looking for my great uncle Father Frank O'Hara who taught at Notre Dame University at South Bend and is buried there.
Colleen Marie O'Hara
by  Colleen Marie O'Hara

382. James P. O'Hara Ace, Texas : Greetings fellow O'Hara's, so many names and so little time. Trying to find my family origins with little success, my father Joseph F. O'Hara born in Iowa in 1896. His father was married to a Daley. I have joined a DNA research group and so far there are 3 with 37 markers still a good stretch to go. God Bless.
by  James P. O'Hara

383. Edward O’Hara married Bridget or Beesey Henery (born c.1864) in Co Sligo
Edward O’Hara was a Herder/Farm Labourer, he married Bridget or Beesey Henery bn c 1864 daughter of James Henery and Kate O’Donnelly.
They had the following children:
Edward bn 26/11/1883 in Ranaghan, Sligo
Michael bn 20/05/1886 also Ranaghan
Mary bn 20/06/1889 Ranaghan
John bn 15/06/1891 Ranaghan
Jane (Jean) bn 26/12/1893 in Arderee, Sligo (My G Grandmother)
Bridget Kate bn 26/06/1898 in Cloonacurra, Sligo
My grandfather tells me that Mary and Jean my G Grandmother came to Gorbals, Glasgow looking for work he says his mother worked in a big house in Ireland prior to this but I Believe they may have moved with their mother Bridget in the early 1900’s after their father died as I have found a marriage certificate for her in 1908 when she married a John Pettipiece in Glasgow. Their Mother Bridget died in 1926 in Glasgow.
Jean married George Oliphant in Glasgow in 1920 and she died in 1952 in Springburn. Mary Married a man who worked as a road roller in Glasgow. It is believed that one of the other sons moved to Glasgow and married and a daughter moved to Canada to work in a newspaper office. Can anyone help me with obtaining further information on my family or are you connected somehow?
Would love to hear from you,
Clare Oliphant
by  Clare Oliphant

384. John O'Hara / Martha Miller born circa 1819 in County Antrim
Hello, I'm searching for information regarding my great great grand parents, John O'Hara & Martha Miller, born about 1819 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland,
John Marshall O'Hara
by  John Marshall O'Hara

385. Hi, I'm an O'Hara in Vancouver and it's great to see the clan reaching out.
by  Darrell William O'Hara

386. Hello all ! from Sydney, Australia
Writing from Sydney, Australia. Yes, as I understand it O'Hara derives from Sligo. My father was born there, in any case, and his before him. And the bread that you buy in the Swinford/Foxford area is O'Hara's. Always so nice to tuck into a slice of fresh O'Hara's when I'm in Ireland!
Geraldine O'Hara
by  Geraldine O'Hara

387. I am looking for Margaret O'Hara, my grandmother. She was born 1876 in Leitrim or Longford Ireland. Parents were William and Catherine Kelleher. She emigrated to Rhode Island. Anyone who might have information, please contact me.
by  Ron Beagan

388. I am from Santa Clarita California. Married with 2 kids. My Great Grandfather is James O'Hara. He was one of the American Teachers sent to The Philippines in 1901 to teach. Any Relatives out There?
by  Jason O'Hara

389. Hello from Jacksonville, FL area. I am a descendant of Thomas E. O'Hara and Mary Sullivan, both immigrants from Ireland. They had my ggrandfather (Thomas) in 1880 in Cambridge MA. He married Winifred Freyne in NY around 1910, had several kids, and settled in FL. One of which was my grandfather Theodore Gerard O'Hara, who married Annie Marguerite Moody. They had 5 children, including my mother Catherine.
by  Maggie Adams

390. Grandson of John O'Hara — founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club — dies aged 99
I thought you would be interested to know that the grandson of John O'Hara, founder of Celtic Football Club, died on 8.2.07, aged 99 years and 5 months. His name was Robert Cosgrove and he was a life-long Celtic fan. I saw him hours before he died and his last question to me was, "How are Celtic doing?"
His funeral will take place at 9.30 a.m. in St. Joseph's, Clarkston, Glasgow on Thursday,15 February.
yours in sorrow,
Pauline Elliot (niece).
Previous message about John O'Hara: John O'Hara & Glasgow Celtic Football Club and message no. 165
by  Pauline Elliot

391. Thomas O'Hara came to Ontario, Canada @ 1840
If interested go to and click "Family Tree". I've documented @ 500 relatives in Canada and the USA. Other names: Brennan, Casey, Edge, Nash - all 1800's started from Ottawa area of Ontario.
Frank O'Hara
by  Frank O'Hara

392. Hi this is such a kool site! im Thomas ohara Email me on go to my site
by  Thomas (Tommo) O'Hara

393. Hi, I am Michael Osborne O'Hara from Sydney Australia. My father was William Myles O'Hara Grandfather Myles Osborne O'Hara, All of us born in Australia, Great Grandfather Henry Michael O'Hara Born Cork Ireland 1853 Died Portsea Victoria Australia 1921 Married three times, Nettie Klingender, Isabella Osborne, Nina Osborne Great Great Grandfather Henry O'Hara married to Anna Macoboy. American artist Henry Clive, formerly Clive O'Hara would have been my great uncle, son of Henry Michael. Would be pleased to hear from others to who I may be related.
Cheers M.
by  Michael Osborne O'Hara

394. Looking for Edward O'Hara born OH about 1860, married Noblesville, IN in 1892
Hello to all the O'Hara's out there !
I am seriously pursuing some research on my family and I have hit a stone wall. Hoping someone can help with info they have uncovered.
My great grandfather was Edward O'Hara and from his appliction for marriage in Noblesville, IN in 1892 his info is as follows: Age 32 so he was born sometime around 1860. Lists his birthplace as Ohio. Fathers name was John. Mothers name was Mary Lynch. His occupation was an iron moulder which probably meant he was working for the RR at some time. I am really stumped on this one. If it helps he named his son Henry Edward which as I gather was based on some of his brothers as the Irish had a system for naming boys.
I would really appreciate ANY help with this. I have found a couple of O'Hara's in Ohio in the census prior to 1892 but I cannot make the leap to connect him to any one family.
Wayne O'Hara
by  Wayne O'Hara

395. Michael O'Hara (b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children
Original Message by William O'Hara
Dear Webmaster - O'Hara family
I emailed a letter to William O' Hara on the 6th March 07, re his subject on Michael O'Hara ( b. Ireland, 1858) of Brooklyn, NY, and his children.
My name is Barbara Best, my Grandfather, and his Father were born into the O'Hara family. In my letter to you William I forgot to mention that my Great Grandfather married a lady named Mme De Vaux; they had nine children; I think they married on the 23rd May 1871 in Dublin.
I look forward to hearing from you William. With best wishes,
Barbara Best
by  Barbara Best

396. My father is Shay O'Hara and I am searching for his brother Sean O'Hara & his children
My name is Sinead O'Hara and I am the daughter of Shay O'Hara who was born in Carlow but grew up mostly in Dublin. He has been residing in Sydney Australia for the past 30 years. I am looking to get into contact with his brother Sean O'Hara or his children.
Sinead O'Hara
by  Sinead O'Hara

397. Just to say Hi ! I'm Hazel O'Hara. I was born in burnley lancashire england. I didnt relise they was so many O'Haras in the world. Nice to know there is though.
by  Hazel O'Hara

398. Many O'Hara's in upstate New York. Ours are from Sligo, Ireland. Wish I could find all missing families to hand down to younger people. Email: in midst of changing companies, sry.
by  Mary Ann O'Hara

399. Jo(e) O’Hara stationed in Somerset, UK, 1943 or 1944 — second message
I am still looking for a Joe O'Hara but now think he was in the 40th Tented General Field Hospital at Alfoxton Somerset UK WW2 and not in the 186 Field Artillery Battalion.
Are there any O'Hara family members around that knew of a relative that served as a Medic?
first message
follow-up message
by  Gordon Hudson

Hello. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and just wanted to say hello to all my brothers and sisters who carry the given name of O'Hara, god bless to all.
by  Stecven O'Hara


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