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451. Trying to trace my father James O'Hara's ancestry
My name is Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel. I am in the initial process of trying to trace my father's ancestry. His name was James O'Hara and he came to Canada in approximately 1940 from Armagh. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in Quebec. He lived in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He died in 1967 at an approximate age of 75 years. He has two children in Canada myself, and Edward James O'Hara. I would like to know if I can post on your message board for any information. Thank you,
Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel
by  Colleen (O'Hara) Weibel

452. Hi! I posted a message last March 22, 2008 but it seems that it didn't get through. Anyways, I'm from the Philippines and I would like to know more about my great grandfather James O'Hara, a Thomasite Teacher who came to the Phils. in 1908. He's from Ohio. So if there's anybody out there who know much about him, please contact me through my e-mail address: Thanks!
by  Edward R. O'Hara

453. John O'Hara Junior born 1833 in St Quivox, Scotland
My Grandma was an O'Hara and I have traced our family to St Quivox Scotland. I have John O'Hara (Junior): born 1833 in St Quivox Scotland, married:Mary Mclelland in 1857. Also John O'Hara (Senior): born about 1812 in Scotland, married: Mary Kelly (date unknown). Does any one have any further information on these O'Haras as I have big gaps were no information can be found!!! Thank You
Chris Brown
by  Chris Brown

454. my name is kate o'hara. I would love to contact Shelia O'Hara from kilglass co Sligo. she came to Phelidelphia in the mid 50ts. I am in Cleveland ohio
by  Kate O'Hara

455. I work for the rail road, my whole family, as far as I know, has or is, working for the rail road. I'm looking for family or O'Haras working for the railroad. I know this is a long connected sentence.
by  John Paul O'Hara

456. Born in Hampshire, England in 1952 to Patricia (Pat) O'Hara and later adopted by Grandparents James Joseph (Pat) O'Hara and Dorothy Grace O'Hara. Longer family roots lie in Bray, ROI. Proud of the name and the heritage.
by  James Patrick (Joseph) O'Hara

457. only name and e-mail given.
by  John Kenneth O'Hara

458. Hi, my name is alex and i'm from toronto. I am related to the Liam O'Hara a few pages over (this guest book, March 28), in fact we are brothers. i wasn't from ireland but i've been there.
by  Alex O'Hara

459. Hi, Me & my family all reside in India, I would be glad to know more about my Grandfather Phillip O'Hara, if any of you do so please feel free to pen down a few line.
by  Clive O'Hara

460. Hi Everyone. I am hoping to make contact with O'Hara's descended from the marriage of Mary Flaherty and James O'Hara in Pontiac county, Quebec, Canada in 1869. Mary was my great grandfather's sister. They had 13 children so there should be some of you out there!
by  Cathy O'Flaherty

461. Hi, I was hoping to find Terry O'Hara from my newspaper days in Maine in the early 90's. Thanks so much, Deborah Marshall.
by  Deborah Marshall

462. Looking for a Mary Alice O'Hara
I am looking for a Mary Alice O'Hara born 1895. She is my maternal Grandmother. I have no relatives to fall back on for info. She was a seamstress in NYC and her father / grandfather I believe was a soap maker who lived in North Carolina. I have reached a stumbling block in my research any help will do.
(guest book message) I am a descendent of Mary Alice O'Hara born 1895 She married George Thomas in NYC in 1922. I believe her father was a soap maker in North Carolina. She was a seamstress for Gimbels Dept Store. I have reached a block in my research. Please help if you can Thanks
Thank you for your site, it gives me hope that I can trace this part of the family tree.
Susie Kittell
by  Susie Kittell

463. Searching for my maternal great-grandfather, Edward O'Hara
I am searching for my maternal great-grandfather. He left for America sometime after 1912 leaving my grandmother behind in Shotts in Scotland. We believe he sent for her when she was 16 but she was not allowed to go. We also believe he married and had two children we know of ... possibly one was called Ellenora??? His brother Joseph also sailed for America around the same time or possibly a few years before. Information is really sketchy because no one seemed to want to discuss it and through time all info has been lost.
Please please help as we would like to know what happened. Any help greatly appreciated.
Helen Donaldson
by  Helen Donaldson

464. Felix O'Hara, an Eighteenth-Century Settler in Gaspe, Quebec
Just came across your great web site. I have a site "Our Gaspe Roots" dealing with the families and history of the Gaspesie in Quebec. Felix O'Hara ( born abt 1732 in Antrim County Ireland) and family were early settlers (1765) to this area, and very prominent in Gaspe. I'm trying to find where members of this family went from Gaspe...first- for data for my site, but second, and more important...Gaspe, in 2009, is celebrating its 475th yr. since the arrival of Jacques Cartier, and some of my Gaspe historian friends are looking for information on O'Hara folk because of an historical paper being written for the 475th celebrations......especially trying to trace some that went West??? Can anyone help?
Have a look at my Gaspe Roots website:
Lani Baker Mitchell
by  Lani Baker Mitchell

465. My maternal great grandmother was a Mary O'Hara from Sligo
My maternal great grand mother was a Mary O'Hara from somewhere in Sligo. In 1852 she married my maternal great grandfather, Patrick Cooke (born 1821) who was from Carrigeen (also known as Carrigenagowna), Sligo. Mary and Patrick had two sons, Michael Cooke (born 1 February 1857) and James Cooke (born 22 April 1859). James later married a Margaret Ruddy from Killasser in Mayo in February 1885.
John Brennan
by  John Brennan

466. Searching for info on Andrew O'Hara born around 1840 in Cavan, Ireland
Searching for info on Andrew O'Hara born around 1840 in Cavan Ireland. He married Ellen McGuarty also from Cavan, Ireland. They ended up in Tuolumne County, California and had a daughter named Ellen Theresa O'Hara (b. 1867 in Columbia, CA). Any info on either Andrew O'Hara or his wife Ellen McGuarty O'Hara would be appreciated.
Erin Pollen
by  Erin Pollen

467. Hi... I'm Scott Patrick O'Hara, My father's name is Brian O'Hara, my grandfather was James Micheal O'Hara who was an organist for silent movies and pianist in night clubs ... we are from the Boston Mass. and Hartford Connecticut area ... Looking for information of my family prior to that ...
by  Scott Patrick O'Hara

468. Would like any information regarding Mary O'Hara / Petracco. Have lost Contact
by  Edward M. O'Hara

469. Father's family originally from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Father's name - John, Grandfather's name - Alfred.
by  Bill O'Hara

470. Bradford, West Yorkshire, England – O'Hara's
hi everyone,
thought i`d set down some more of the o`hara clan in bradford, west yorkshire england: douglas o`hara, tennyson o`hara, ezzanda o`hara, lennon o`hara, lincoln o`hara, callan o`hara, vienna o`hara, and in moreton, cheshire luke thomas o`hara and shannon o`hara,
regards to all of you out there !
eric o`hara
by  Eric O'Hara

471. My mother was Louisa O'Hara, Daughter of Alfred and Jean O'Hara of Enniskillen, Ireland. She married a local boy Walter Scott and now we are the Scott Clan in Canada.
by  Carol Scott Rollich

472. Looking for any information on Edward O'Hara born in Hamilton Scotland 1887. We know he joined Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in 1915 and possibly lived in Seattle in 1920's. If anyone has any information we would be very grateful. Thank you.
by  Helen Donaldson

473. Anyone know of Charles O'Hara who married Bedelia Conboy, he was born in Sligo 1875 and had 14 children, Charles lived in Manchester, Tommy lived in Stockton on Tees, Jack lived in Sunderland, Eileen, Birdie and Kitty lived in Birmingham. I would love to hear from any of you. I live in Birmingham.
by  Pat Troam O'Hara

474. I am looking for my husband's relatives. They came from Antrim, Ireland in the 1840s to USA. George A. O'Hara and wife, Martha. Son, William b. 12 Jan 1842 in Antrim
by  Sally Thomas

475. James O'Hara, arrived Boston/Brookline, Ma. from Ireland in 1860s
I am the Great Grandson of James O'Hara, and I was born in Boston in 1959. My father was Sargeant Arthur J. (James) O'Hara from Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was one of 11 children from Roxbury, Massachusetts, and his Grandfather was James, who arrived from Ireland in 1860 on the HMS Diligent, commisioned out of Cork.
My father's Dad was William O'Hara (James's son) who was the caretaker of St. Francis de Sales Church in Roxbury. William was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1890's. I believe he came from Sligo or Donnegal, and if you have any information you can provide - please contact me. I have many family photos to share.
Robert O'Hara
by  Robert O'Hara


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