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626. Looking for relatives: Roger O'Hara b. 1802 Sligo, settled in Yorkshire, England in 1840's. 3 sons: James, Patrick and Roger and daughter Mary Ann. Patrick married Bridget McGuinn in 1860's. in Bradford, England.
Thanks, K.
by  Kathleen (kathieeaton)

627. Looking for decendants of Joseph O'Hara & Ethel O'Neil who lived in Wallaroo, South Australia, in the late 1800's.
by  Vicki (vbuenen)

628. Go online and Google O'Hara from Ballysadare and Kilvarnet and you'll find and interesting book that you may read online.
by  Pamela O’Hara Huff

629. Looking for any information on my father Patrick James O'Hara
I am looking for any information about my father Patrick James O'Hara. I have never met him and know very little about him. I was born in 1960 in Pemberton, Western Australia. On my birth certificate my father is noted as Patrick James O'Hara, 52 years old born Dublin Ireland. His occupation is listed as mechanic. My mother Joyce and Patrick were living and working in Shannon River a small timber logging community in the South West of West Australia.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Patricia Marion O'Hara
by  Patricia Marion O'Hara

630. My 1st name is O'Hara !!!! Last name is Costello. I am black Irish. My father is from Matawan, New Jersey. Love to know if there are any others lucky enough to be blessed with the 1st name O'Hara !!!
by  OHara Jane Costello

631. Hello my name is Elizabeth O'Hara, my family tree goes back to 1800s Robert O'Hara. I live in Scotland.
by  Elizabeth O'Hara

632. Looking for information about Anna O'Hara (my grandmother)
I am looking for information about Anna O'Hara (my grandmother). She came to Brooklyn NY in 1905 as a servant. Mother was Anna Mcalpine O'Hara. Father was James O'Hara. Anna was born 1888 in Ireland; she died 25 December 1925.
Jim Hopkins
by  Jim Hopkins

633. William Alexander ("Bill") O'Hara (1883-1931) - Follow up
Original Message: William Alexander (´´Bill``) O'Hara (1883-1931) - Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer, well not yet!!!   =   Message No. 550
Follow-up Message: Billy O'Hara: Knowing how to apply (baseball) skills   and   Family details (parents, grandparents)
Cousin Andrew Hunter .... baseballer...
by  Andrew Hunter

634. Currently living in Pittsview, AL. My Father was Robert Thomas O'Hara and my Mother is Marilyn McQuarter O'Hara. Just wanted to check in. Any family members that know me, get in touch.
by  Kevin O'Hara

635. O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village in Madoc, Ontario, Canada
I just stumbled across this site and it is teriffic. I didn't know it existed. I have been to the O'Hara Mill in Madoc and it is very nice. The park was closed for the season but we were able to walk the grounds.
I am a granddaughter of Evan Lewis O'Hara.
Cynthia Strauss
Webmaster's comment: See: O'Hara Mill Pioneer Village   and   Message by Scott A. Lee (No. 261)
by  Cynthia Strauss

636. (from Phila., PA) Records show a George O'Harra arrived in Philadelphia from Dublin in 1773 as an indentured servant, and likely fought for the colonies in the Revolution. Any way I can track ship arrivals back that far? Can't seem to connect to a town in Ireland.
by  Terence G. O'Hara

637. Looking for information on my 4th great-grandfather, Stephen O'Hara, who immigrated to Phila PA prior to 1799. Family lore says that 3 brothers came to America together. Other prominent first names in family are George, Henry, James and Charles. Any help is sincerely appreciated.
Previous message: no. 617
by  Maureen O'Hara Warick

638. Hello, does the name Agnes O'Hara born around 1780 who married John Matthews around 1800 and had at least two children Edward Matthews born about 1802 and a John Matthews born about 1804. Ring a bell to any one? I don't know what part of Ireland they were from but they were Catholic. Please help!
by  Carole Freeman

639. Looking for the amcestors and / or descendants of William O'Hara of Sligo who married Jane Johnston of Torpenhow, Cumbria and settled in Spennymoor, Co Durham mid 1870s.Their daughter Jane married an Adam Worthy, my great grandfather.
by  Paul Weatherall

640. John Patrick O'Hara and Frances Drucilla Siegertz
This couple were my great-grandparents. Their first child was Evangeline O'Hara, Yzelman Cowley-Brown, my grandmother. If you want more information, contact me by email
Valerie Shadlyn
Webmaster's comment: See: Myrtle O'Hara's guest book entry of July 28, 2010 (Link) = Message no.584 and: "My great grandfather John Patrick O'Hara" by Myrtle Joyce O'Hara (Link) = Message no.614
by  Valerie Shadlyn

641. My Great-Grandfather, Patrick J. O'Hara, came to America (Pennsylvania) in 1914 from County Longford. He was born on October 8, 1892. Patrick's family was from an island on the Lough Ree, King's Island, which is one of the Black Islands. His parents were named Patrick and Anne O'Hara. Looking for any information that may help. Thank you :)
by  Sean O'Hara

642. Where is Valerie O'Hara from Homestead, Florida? Your relatives would like to be in touch.
by  Cindy O'Hara

643. I am the granddaughter of Ernest Reginald O'Hara and Anna Mae Herlihy, My father John Douglas was their eldest son b. May 30 1927 d. Feb 28 2007. My family has been seaarching for my cousins Kevin Elwin O'Hara approximately 44 years of age and his sister Jaqueline unsure of her age for many years. If anyone has any information.
by  Kathleen O'Hara

644. I am looking for info on Jane Clarke O'Hara and Patrick O'Hara and 11 Children: Michael, William, John, Patrick, Edward, Sarah, Mrs Frank Mulrooney, Elizabeth, Mrs. John O'Malley and 3 Children Unknown.
by  Tricia LaFrance

645. Jamie O'Hara wrote the lyrics of the song «50,000 Names (Carved in the Wall)» and George Jones sang it - you gotta hear it. Turn on your sure you wait until the music begins. Click here and scroll down.
by  Terrance O'Hara

646. Looking for a long lost friend, Scott O'Hara who was last known to be in the twin cities of Minn. Scott worked for me in the Marine Corps in the late 80's. Please if you know him have him contact me.
by  Bob Greer

647. I am an O'Hara from New Zealand, and am looking into my family history that backs to my irish heritage.
by  Michael O'Hara

648. I am looking for any information on a Mary C O'Hara (died Diebold) from Pittsburgh. She passed on February 12, 1934 during or shortly after childbirth. My grandmother was her daughter.
by  Kimberly Schaaf

649. Connecting with O'Hara family members in Pennsylvania and NY
See also: DNA Results for John O'Hara born ca. 1810 in Drumlish, Co. Longford (Link) = Message #546 and: DNA testing through the O'Hara DNA Project and Alternatives (Link)
Dear Webmaster
I signed up on your List of Messages page & mentioned I was working on the family tree. I also referred to my DNA which is noted on your List of Messages: #546. I'd like to trace grandaunts who went to PA, e.g. Mary O'Hara, b. 28 Sept 1851, her sister Catherine/Kate, b. 06 Jun 1856. Also, their brother, Bernard b. 16 Oct 1859. Possibly to Pottsville or Wilkes Barre. We would love to have others join the O'Hara Surname DNA Project (in your < href="">Genealogy page).
Might I request I be included in your Categories Index under Authors & Writers (Other O'Hara Writers) ? If you need any further details on publications I can let you have them. Thank you. Brief professional biog: Broadcaster and writer, Aidan O'Hara, has worked as a presenter and producer with RTÉ (Raidió Telefís Éireann – Irish National Broadcasting) and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and now lives in County Longford. He is engaged in writing full-time (Eng. & Gaelic), but stays in touch with broadcasting through occasional contributions to Radio Telefís Éireann and Raidió na Gaeltachta.
Aidan O'Hara
by  Aidan O'Hara

650. Hello, My name is Barry O'Hara Jr. I am trying to find out more about my ancestors and the rest of my family, all I know is my father grew up around Sylvania Ohio, If anyone can help me in any way please feel free to contact me through my email.
Thank You.
by  Barry O'Hara Jr.


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