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51. ATTENTION CANADIAN O'HARA'S: My gggrandfather was Joseph Aloyisus O'Hara (dob1835)and was mentioned in my ggrandfather's notice as being from Saint Joseph, New Brunswick, but I can't find St. Joseph on the Canadian map. Can someone help, please.
Diane Kathleen O'Hara in New Orleans.
by  diane kathleen o'hara

52. Just started researching for my grandfather's family. Don't know much of anything. I think he ran away from home. I have just returned from researching the 1910 Federal census. In Cook Co. Illinois there was a John O'Hara, wife Bridget, Son Patrick, Daughter Josephine, and another daughter Catherine. Could anybody tell me anything about these O'Hara's?
by  Rhonda O'Hara McCart

53. To whom it may concern,
While surfing the web recently I found my Family Motto. "Virtute et Claritate" I was wondering what this meant. I was hoping someone could help! Thanks for your time,
Bill O'Hara Jr.
Webmaster's Reply
Dear Bill
That's correct! The crest I have in my living room has the Latin motto below it. Well "virtute" is the ablative case (by, with or from) of the Latin noun "virtus" which means, besides virtue, manliness, prowess, bravery, courage, determination, force, excellence, worthiness, and respectability; on the other hand "claritate" is from "claritas" meaning, besides clarity, bright, shinning, fame, and renown. So take your pick. I would translate the motto as "With courage and renown", but I will be happy to be corrected.
Jim O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara Jr.

54. Great ideas on your website! Address (url):
by  Lenora

55. My name Marsha O'Hara Hughes, my Dad was Francis O'Hara From Marion Ohio, his fathers name was Wm. McKinley O'Hara from southern Ohio. Wms. Wife was Lena Lowery also from southern Ohio. Any info please let me know.
by  Marsha O'Hara Hugh

56. Dear Webmaster,
Subject: O'Hara family from Craigbally (Crebilly), Co. Antrim, Ireland
My grand-father James O'Hara, son of Richard O'Hara and Rebecca Ann Kelly, was born 1867- one of at least seven children.
James settled in Australia. Two of his brothers migrated to America another to Australia, though there was a falling out and they never maintained contact.
Good wishes to all our cousins.
Bernard O'Hara
by  Bernard O'Hara

57. Dear Jim,
Subject: Terence O'Rorke's ‘History of Sligo’ and ‘History of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet’
It is marvelous what you are doing for the descendants of the O' hEadhra Sept in their World-wide Dispersion. I know that their presence and significance in their homeland has diminished significantly in last century and a half; but they are one of the most ancient and, in the early second Millenium, most venerable of Septs.
Are you familiar with the writings of the Irish Historian, Doctor T. O'Rorke of Sligo? He taught history at the University in Paris in the mid 1800s. He has written a "History of Sligo" and, prior to that he wrote a "History, Antiquities, And Present State of the Parishes of BALLYSADARE AND KILVARNET". Both of these works have been incorporated into a single book with 2 Volumes in one published by James Duffy and Sons of Dublin. It is an old volume, printed, I believe about 1878...I discovered a copy in the reserved area of Boston Public Library about 1972 and I was able to borrow it for a time. It contains marvelous history [particularly Kilvarnet Parish section] on the O'HARAS. O'Rorke [who, by the way is sited in the Foreword of "THE BOOK OF O'HARA"] quotes all of the Ancient Annalists and states, quite emphatically, that the O'Hara name is older than all of the Royal Families of England, Germany, Italy...Quoting O'Curry, O'Donovan and the Four Masters, he states that the O'Hara name goes back to the First Millenium; whereas, we know that most surnames did not come into usage until the early Second Millenium. He tells us that O'Hara preceeds McCarthy by 100 years; O'Brien by 80 years; and, O'Donnell by 300 years. I think you would enjoy His Works, if you could obtain a copy from some Library or Ancient Book Dealer. I took copious notes in the reading...Loved it!!!
Well, Jim I thank you again for all you do.
Father Frank
Editorial note
The two works Father Frank refers to are listed in The National Union Catalog. Pre-1956 Imprints, vol. 433 (1976), as follows:
O'Rorke, T[erence]
History, antiquities, and present state of the parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet, in the county of Sligo; with notices of the O'Haras, the Coopers, the Percevals and other local families. By T. O'Rorke. Dublin: J. Duffy and Sons [1878]. Library of Congress, no. DA995.B1806
The History of Sligo: town and county. By T. O'Rorke. Dublin: J. Duffy & Co. Limited [1890].
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

58. Nice site. Thanks!
by  Toni O'Connor

59. I stumbled across this site by accident, and thought I would add to the O'Harability as it were. I am an author living in New York. Type "Christopher B. O'Hara" into Amazon to check out the latest books. Cheers! Address (url): Webmaster's follow-up: You can also find a list of Christopher B. O'Hara's books on this site by clicking on the following link:
Christopher B. O'Hara

60. hey this site is kool i did'nt no there were so many o haras in the world.
by  Emmett o hara

61. Hello everyone! My name is Chris O'Hara from Erie, Pa. My dad was Raymond O'Hara He was born in 1919 to William and Anna O'Hara or Willkes-Barre PA. He had several brothers and sisters. I know he had two sisters named Rita and Anna. If anyone has any similar information please Email me:
Thanks! Erin Go Braugh!
by  Christopher M O'Hara

62. Hello from Youngstown, Ohio !
My O'Hara's are from Youngstown and came here in the 1870's. Thomas O'Hara married Mary Rouse in Ireland; their children: Patrick, Thomas, and maybe a Michael Patrick, my great grandfather who married Rochford - child elizabeth Lillian O'Hara married Albert Joseph Kramer. My grandparents family names are O'Hara, Rochford, Taaffe, Kramer, Mullen, all from Ireland to Youngstown, Ohio. Let me know if any look right to you; I have to get my notes out to give you exact dates and names.
Thank you, Lillian
Editorial note
Check out the O'Hara Family Web Site ( of Melanie (O'Hara) Cronk & Jerry O'Hara. This Family of Robert and Hazel (Salvatore) O'Hara has its roots in Youngstown, Ohio.
by  Lillian

63. Can't believe there are so many O'Hara's outside Ireland! Born and still live in Northern Ireland. Father is Quinton O'Hara, mother Maria- Patrica O'Hara, both born in Belfast in the 1950's.
by  Victoria Patricia O'Hara

64. There is an irish bar/pub in Gloucester city, New Jersey that is also named O'Haras...Just letting you know
by  Jenai

65. Dear
Subject: The book "Scarlett"
I'm reading the book "Scarlett" and was wondering if it was made into a film. Is it on video to rent or buy ??
Jean Weidner
Dear Jean,
I did a search for "Scarlett" at the ‘Internet Movie Database (’ and found the following. There is a film "Scarlett" (1996; which is available on VHS video. The CBS TV series "Scarlett" (1994; is available on VHS video and DVD. You might also be interested in the following "Review of Scarlett" ( Hope this answers your question.
Enjoy the book and the film !
James O'Hara
by  Jean Weidner

66. Hi, glad I heard about this site. My dad got me hooked 15 years ago and when have time do search. I love the idea of O'Haras site. My greatgrandfather came over 1865 was Michael J. O'hara familt story is he left Ireland 3 days before marshall was to arrest him for holding mass in his home. Where he lived a church is now built on the land asthe story goes. 1st wife was Alice Calley or (Kelly) as we have been told mar. in Ireland chrildren born there Ann, Marah,Bridget,Sarah , 2nd wife Ellen Touhey Believe mar. Penna. N.Eastarea Michaels parents were Joseph O'Hara and Sarah Debbitt or (Devitt) Michael and Ellen are buried in Elmira, N.Y. Would love tohear from anyone who may be able to help. Mary O'Hara -kotas.
by  Mary E. O'Hara-Kota

67. I think your page rocks because my last name is O'Hara as well. Contact me if want to know more about my family and I. O'Hara's RULE!!!, Cullen O'Hara.
by  Cullen

68. Great web site! I am 21 years old, from Dublin, Ireland. My father is Lt. Col William O'Hara (army officer in Dublin), born Cootehall, Boyle, County Roscommon. He was born on 28/02/51 and married Cecily O'Brien (general nurse in Dublin) on 10/08/74. I have 1 brother, Lt. Niall O'Hara (born 25/04/78 - army officer in Curragh, Kildare) and two sisters Caitriona (born 30/10/79, now computer technician in Dublin) and Andrea (born 31/5/76, now children's nurse in Dublin). I am moving to London now to work for HSBC Bank. I have just graduated from Dublin City University.
by  Liam O'Hara

69. I am researching the O'Hara's from Roscommon, in particular James, some of whom settled in NY (Schenectedy), and NJ. If there are others out there researching the Roscommon O'Hara's I would love to hear from you. I may be able to help. John.
by  John Higgins

70. Hi to all O'Haras all around the world from Abbeyleix, Ireland
by  Gerry O'Hara

71. Hi,
I was reading your page about the Titanic ( and Monica O'Hara's book, about her "death" on it. I'd like to contact Monica O'Hara, or her husband, Joe Keeton. You haven't any contact details have you?. I've done web searches found nothing!
Michael Bird
Webmaster's reply:
Dear Michael,
Sorry I don't have a contact address. I did web searches too and found one page repeatedly turning up: The Titanic Book Site.Com ( It appears that her name is Monica (Harding) O'Hara-Keeton. Other books by Monica O'Hara and Joe Keeton are found at the following link ( Perhaps you could try contacting the publishers.
Regards, James O'Hara
by  Michael Bird

72. Hi Jim,
It's nice to see that the site is interactive. I am afraid that I am not very big into Geneology so I can't help you very much with the history of the O'Hara's in Co. Laois. All I know is that my Grandfather came from Bodyke in Co. Clare sometime around the start of the 20th Centuary. He had retired as a Sergant in The Royal irish Constabulary and he bought a small Hotel in the little village of Ballinakill. He had 11 children ( now all deceased ) and I do know that there was another family of O'Hara's in the village of Ballinakill who were not related ( That family have died out.) I have checked out the local telephone directory and besides myself there are five other O'Hara entries in Co. Laois.
I just wonder if I would make it into the Section of O'Hara's in Military Service with the following entry. Gerry O'Hara ( B. 1948) Enlisted in An Forsa Cosanta Aitiul ( Local Defence Force ) in 1968. Commissioned in 1976. Attained the rank of Commandant ( Major) and appointed Company Commander; F. Coy. 9th. Infantry Battalion in 1998.
Very best Regards,
Gerry O'Hara
by  Gerry O'Hara

73. Hello from the northwest of the US (Hayden, Idaho). Discovered this website by serendipitous accident and am really enjoying it. Looking forward to sharing this with my children and meeting other O'Haras.
by  Kathryn O'Hara

74. Hello Jim
I am passing on your website addy to my husbands' uncle, John O'Hara, who does all of the genealogy for the family. My maternal grandmother, Ruth Chaulk, had O'Hara ancestors 4 generations back. So my husband and I are kissing cousins, I expect. We live in rural northern Idaho on 10 acres. I am a beauty consultant for MaryKay Cosmetics and Ed drives a semi truck. We have 6 children, Mary, Brigid, Eddy, Shane, Erin and Mia. The kids and I are reading through your website this evening and enjoying it immensely. Keep up the good work! Take care,
Kathy O'Hara
by  Kathy O'Hara

75. Hello,I was really pleased to see that there are so many O'Haras EVERYWHERE!! My father came from County Sligo
Tracey O'Hara (England)
by  Tracey O'Hara


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