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551. John & Martha O'Hara born circa 1819
See also: Previous message (No. 512)
Like my relative John Marshall O'Hara in Melbourne (Message 384) I am too am keen to learn more about my forebears who emigrated from Antrim (Ballymena?) to Scotland between 1853 and 1857.
Charles Robert O'Hara
by  Charles Robert O'Hara

552. Hi to all the O'Hara's. I didnt realize that there was so many of us. My dad, Patrick Joseph, was originally from Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. His dad, John, served in the British Army during the Great War and subsequently in India for a number of years. Just curious.
by  Edward O'Hara1

553. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, County Kildare
by  Arthur O'Hara

554. More O'Hara's than you can shake a stick at — Hello from Sandusky, Ohio, USA. Can't wait to show my father Patrick LeRoy O'Hara (86) in Youngstown, OH. He will be thrilled to see so many with the family name
by  Maureen O'Hara

555. Santiago O'Hara (died 1881) was a National Hero of Peru
I'm from Perú, my father's grandfather was a grandson of an inmigrant from Liverpool called Bernard O'Hara Coor; his son Santiago O'Hara was a National Hero because he died in the "Batalla de Miraflores" (Battle of Miraflores).
Fabio O'Hara
by  Fabio O'Hara

556. O'Haras from NY: looking for our ancestors and living relatives
My mother and I were looking for our ancestors and living relatives. She is Ruth O'Hara who was born to John Edward O'Hara (1912-1986) and Clare Catherine Stevenson O'Hara (DOD 1980). My grandfather John Edward was born in NYC to Edward O'Hara ( who was pre-deceased by his first wife Kathleen and then married Margaret O'Hara nee Casey (Margaret was born in Ireland we think and her mother brought her to the states and left her at a church when she was young to help them clean. She would never talk much about it. John Edward O'Hara had brothers James, Edward, George, William and sister Mary (Minnie) and Rose.
We are looking for current cousins and history . Thank you,
Clare Mulqueen
by  Clare Mulqueen

557. James and Jane (Nee McKowen) O'Hara from Fintona, Tyrone, Ireland
Trying to locate more details of this family.
John (son) and Sarah (daughter) emigrated to New Zealand in 1875 and 1879 respectively. James (Jnr) emigrated to USA about the same time. No further contact from him or location where he went. James and Jane remained in Fintona. We are desendants of John in NZ.
Any information would be gratefully recieved
David John O'Hara
by  David John O'Hara

558. Trying to find information about my grandfather Matthew M. O'Hara (c.1871-1949)
Hi O'Hara Clan,
I am trying to find information about a Matthew M. O'Hara, my grandfather. His date of birth is about 1871, death 1949.
He married Nora M. Lynch in Chicago. They had four children: Therese, James, John Joseph (Jack) and Noreen.
Thank you,
Caron R. O'Hara Davis
by  Caron R. O'Hara Davis

559. Hi from California. Trying to locate family related to my father, Francis O'Hara (6/18/03 - 9/28/55) of Malden, MA. His mother was Rose Kane of MA and father John Henry Kane of Boston. Great grandparents were James F. O'Hara (O'Hare) and Elisa (Eliza) Pugh of Antrim, Ireland. Thanks for any information.
by  Gail O'Hara Sollazzo

560. Hello Everyone! Just found this website. I am also an O'Hara. My father's family originally came from Mooncoin, county Kilkenny. I believe my grandfather, John O'Hara, moved to America when young. I am curious about my background.
by  Aileen Faulkner

561. I'm wondering if, in anyone's research, someone has come across a Clarence Mervin O'Hara, my grandfather, or a Randall Clarence O'Hara, my father. Im curious to find my family history.
by  Justin O'Hara

562. My grandfather, James Patrick O'Hara, born in Belfast, married Jean Diamond (also related to "Whitelaw" branch from England), emigrated to Toronto Ontario, while brothers emigrated to Australia. Had 4 daughters and 1 son ... Would be estatic if able to connect with anyone who is related to us ...
by  Jackie Assad

563. My grandfather Russell Michael O'Hara (born 1901) and siblings
My mother Marie Helen O'Hara was born April 5, 1927 and was married to George F. Cleary. Grandfather was Russell Michael O'Hara born September 19, 1901 and he was married to Marie C. Carrier. He had a brother named David, and two other brothers and a sister named Helen.
Starting family trees for my grandchildren.
Michele Coble
by  Michele Coble

564. Hi, I am looking for family in Belfast, Northern Ireland ...O'Hara's of course ... My Dad is Joe O'Hara ... his brother was Jim and his sister, my aunt, was Roisin O'Hara ... Please contact me if anyone thinks we may be related or if you may know any of my family ... It would mean so much to me>>>Thanks so much to all the O'Hara's ...
by  Roisin A. O'Hara

565. Trying to find Nancy (Anne) O'Hara who married Francis Rocks
Hello everyone,
I am wondering if there would be anyone here who would be able to help me find some information on my great great great grandmother. Her name was Nancy O'Hara she wed Francis Rocks. Francis and Nancy had one child that I know at this point, Patrick Rocks. Patrick married a Mary Duffin on the 31 December 1901 in the Govan District (Scotland). Please, I am begging if anyone knows of any of these people I would dearly love to hear from you.
Kind Regards,
Lisa Spry

Webmaster's Comment
As regards the Rocks-O'Hara connection, see the message by Carole Cross at:
or message number 528 in the "Messages" database at:
There is also a guest book message from Carole Cross on September 7, 2009 at:

by  Lisa Spry

566. Sligo —> Boston O'Haras
I am always looking for information on Charles O'Hara. He wrote b 1849 in Sligo on his paper work. Items such as the naturalization papers simply say Charles. Some thoughts to the names of his parents via naming system inference suggest that he wrote differing names on his marriage registration in South Boston.
He disappears on the US census for a bit, he might have moved from Boston for a spell. I have a whole bunch of relatives of his descent tracked. I can not find any record of him. He might not have been Catholic.
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara1

567. Looking for the parents of my grandfather Russell Michael O'Hara Sr.(1901-1972)
My grandfather's father was a butcher in Chicago, IL. My grandfather, Russell Michael O'Hara Sr. (c. 9/19/1901-11/1972) had three brothers; David, Lester, and another who was a priest but cannot remember his name. He also had a sister whose name I think was Helen. My grandfather was a butcher for a short time working for his father. Later he was employed by the railroad, and he also played football around 1927. Married to Marie Carrier from Chicago, IL. Two children; Russell Michael, Jr., and Marie Helen.
Looking for names of my grandfathers parents or any other information that is accessible.
Michele Coble
See also: Previous message (No. 563)
by  Michele Coble

568. My father Patrick John O'Hara was born in 1930, either in Ireland or in the U.S. He resided in the Chicago area, where he was a mechanic in the 1960s, and he died in 1987.
by  Duane Patrick O'Hara

569. Hello there, I am looking for Sheila O'Hara. I met her in Senegal in 1982. She was then an American Peace Corps volunteer. She left Senegal in in 1983 or 1984. My email is or; thanks.
by  Bakary Diallo

570. Looking for information about E. J. O'Hara (b. about 1864) or his parent from Ireland
Here are his statistics:
Name: E J O'Hara
Age in 1910: 46
Estimated birth year: abt 1864
Birthplace: New York
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Ireland
Mother's Birth Place: Ireland
Spouse's name: Fannie Mae Smith
Home in 1910: Washington, Appanoose, Iowa
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members (1910):
E J O'Hara (46)
Fannie O'Hara (41)
Gemeve O'Hara (20)
James O'Hara (13)
L Roy (Leroy) O'Hara (9)
Wilfred O'Hara (6)
If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate.
Barbara J. Bentley
PS - I think his name was Edward for the E J O'Hara.
by  Barbara J. Bentley

571. Dennis O'Hara was my great grandfather who was born in Ireland in 1833. He migrated to southeast Wisconsin later on. I'm looking for any information about where in Ireland he came from. I plan on visiting Ireland and would like to find my roots.
by  Claudia Busateri

572. My grandfather was John J. O'Hara from near Scranton, PA
My grandfather was John J. O'Hara from near Scranton Pa. I think he worked on the Erie Lackawanna RR; he may have been an orphan from St. Johns Orphanage. He married Francis Kramer - guess about 1900 in Scranton. He had 3 children, Margaret Agnes, Joseph Frances and Nicholas Lawrence, all dead.
I am Joseph's daughter. They moved early 1900s to Brooklyn, New York. I know he married into a German family (Brills, Spohrer, Hammerschmidts etc.) That is all I know about his life in Pa.
Patricia A. O'Hara
by  Patricia A. O'Hara

573. My Grandfather, James Francis O'Hara, came to America in 1916 from County Sligo
His brother, Michael O'Hara remained in Ireland and had a son named Michael O'Hara. My parents visited Mike and his wife Kathy in the 1980's and the last address they have is: Carragalda Bohola, Clare Morris, Couny Mayo, Ireland. They also have the address Breaffly Balinda, County Mayo.
Can anyone help us locate any of our remaining family members? My two sons will be traveling through Ireland in August 2010.
Thank you,
Barbara Blair
by  Barbara Blair

574. Hi, like all of you I too am an O'Hara. My father's name was Patrick Joseph. He came from Mooncoin in Co Kilkenny. His father's name was John and he served in the British army. He then moved to India whilst still serving in the British Army. John's father's name was Patrick. And Patrick had two brothers Lawrence and James; they lived in the Mooncoin area and just outside. If anyone has other info will you contact me.
by  Catherine Alexander

575. I am Looking for information on Mary Margaret O'Hara who married Louise Deguire. She was born 1837 in County Sligo, Ireland and died April 9, 1909 in Stamford, CT. Their son's name was Joseph Edward Deguire who was my great grandfather. Any info on her would be great appreciated. Thank you.
by  Joy Tyler


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