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676. Dan O'Hara, from Connemara, renowned in the popular ballad
A nice informative story of Ireland and Dan O'Hara in three YouTube videos:
Part 1: YouTube video (1)
Part 2: YouTube video (2)
Part 3: YouTube video (3)
by  Terrance O'Hara

677. Hi, I am looking for my grandmother June Meria O'Hara. From what I understand June and her sister came on a ship or boat to the United States. My grandmother from what I understand, went to San Antonia Texas. She got married on the Q Bar X Ranch and had a daughter. My grandmother died in a car fire when my mom was 3 months old. And my mom was then raised by mother's sister. She lived in Rockingham North Carolina . Does any one have info on this. I know none of the family. Thanks in advance, Gert.
by  Gertrude Thomas

678. I am looking for information about my grandfather, Albert James O'Hara, Sr. My father was born in northern New Jersey to Claire Hendrickson O'Hara who passed away a few years later due to TB. My late father was raised by his maternal grandmother so we don't have much information about him other than the father disappeared shortly after she died.
by  Kathleen O'Hara Smith

679. Looking for relatives of Hugh Sr (b. 1856) and Anna Ginnity O'Hara. Children: Patrick (b. 1880) Sharon PA, Thomas (b.1882) Pittsburgh, John (b. 1887) Struthers, OH, Bridget O'Hara Tegge (b 1885), Mary (b. 1892), James F (b. 1891), Hugh Leo (b. 1897) and Therese O'Hara Desper (b. 1898).
by  Colleen O'Hara

680. Great website you got here! And love this flash guestbook :) Cheers Dan from
by  Dan (O'Hara?)

681. I am looking for Tom O'Hara. Met him in Calcutta India. He was on the ships. My name is rebecca Russell née Jacob.
by  Rebecca Russell

682. I am the son of Kathleen Schwager nee O'Hara who is the daughter of Reginald Leo O'Hara who is son of Richard Hugh O'Hara son of James O'Hara.
by  Leo Schwager

683. I am Robert P O'Hara, son of Joseph P O'Hara, Grandson of Arthur O'Hara, Great Grandson of Bernard F O'Hara of Vestal, NY. Any geneology would be greatly appreciated.
by  Robert P. O'Hara

684. My mother is Elizabeth Kathleen O'Hara, daughter of Dr. Francis Paul O'Hara, who was the son of Francis James O'Hara, who was the son of Jerome O'Hara, who was the son of James O'Hara,who was the son of Henry Jr O'Hara, who was the son of Henry Sr. O'Hara. He came to Maryland in the early 1700s from Ireland but still searching for details.
Any help welcome.
by  Susan Starrett Pinto

685. Hello all, I am Maureen (O'Hara) LaMarra daugther of Anothony Joseph O'Hara borm August 8 1911. He is one of eight children born to Michael O'Hara and Agnes (Flowers) O'Hara. Michael was born in Ballena, County Mayo, Ireland around 1876 and died in the great flu epidemic in the 1920's in Philadelphia Pa. USA. I'm just starting to delve into my ancestry and would love to have contact with anyone who may be related to me.
by  Maureen (O'Hara) LaMarra

686. Hi my name is Allannah O'Hara. I don't have a lot if any information about my biological fathers family. He is Robert Wesley O'Hara. I don't know his fathers name or his mothers maiden name, but his mothers name was Loraine O'Hara. My father was from Lima, Ohio area. I know my brother and I have a half brother and his name is Micheal, but not sure if his last name is the same as ours. I've been looking and have found nothing. My biological father is 1 of 12 maybe 13, they were all spilt up when their mom died I believe and their dad took off. So any kind of information would be wonderful.
by  Allannah O'Hara

687. Australian O'Hara Family Information
To whom it may concern,
I've visited your webpage and found some Australian O'Haras mentioned, specifically -

Henry O'Hara (1823-1880 SA, Au) married Mary Barton (1830-1879 SA, Au) in 1852 in Adelaide South Australia and their 9 children are:
Cathy Ann Terasa 1856-1931
Bernard 1856-1857
Henry 1857-1858
Mary Jane 1859-?
Sarah 1861-1862
Thomas 1862
Ellen 1864
Joseph 1867-1931
Norah 1869

Any further information you could provide would be most helpful. I can't seem to navigate your site easily and find the information myself.
Thank you for your time,
Clare Loudon
by  Clare Loudon

688. My name is Amber Marie O'Hara. My father is Thomas Robert O'Hara, my granfather Leo O'Hara, great grandfather Frances O'Hara lived in Minneasota, came in thru Canada. All records were burned in fires in US and Canada. Any info would be so much appreciated.
PS. See also message 660
by  Amber Marie O'Hara

689. I am looking for information on my great-grandfather John Terrence O'Hara. I have a WWI Registration Card to go off of. He was born 08/12/1880 in New York, however the 1920 census states 1883 but based on his birth month and age at the time he would've been born in 1882. He moved at some point to Minnesota. Did not marry but had 10 children with Minnie Leyde (1920 cenus states Minnie OHara). Children are: Fern Alice, John T, Daniel, Donald, Thomas, Frank, Leo, Patrick, Mary Jane... birth years range from 1914 to 1927. If anyone has any information regarding John I would greatly appreciate it. I have nothing but the 1920 census and WWI Draft Card.
PS. See also: messages 191 and 337.
by  Jennifer M O'Hara

690. Visited your website today and am looking to view more information on Jane b. 1859 who married Jacob Teskey. Noticed there is an entry # 770 at the O'Hara Family Genealogy Forum. They are my mother-in-law's grandparents. Florence b. 1897 (from Jacob and Jane).
by  Karen Morningstar

691. Looking for family of John Myers O'Hara. Have what appears to be Mr. O'Hara's personal copy of HELLAS THE IMMORTAL. The book has his photo pasted in, a typed letter from J.H. pasted in, a copy of a poem written to Mr. O'Hara by Corrinne Roosevelt Robinson, and some handwritten items.
by  Margaret Asproyerakas

692. O'Hara — Blair Family History
The link you have on your genealogy page to:
O’Hara Family History Some Historic Facts About the O’Hara Family Assembled March 27, 1893 By C.H. Willey Principal, Barton Academy. Courtesy of Vermont Historical Society. From: Blair Genealogy: a site that provides information on Blair genealogy in general and the roots and history of my Blair ancestors who immigrated from Scotland to Vermont and New Hampshire in particular
has changed to
John A. Blair
Haywards Heath, England
Blairgenealogy WebMaster
by  John A. Blair

693. mi nombre es victor o'hara silva vivo en korea naci en peru i ha todos les digo k la mitad de 8 es 8 igual k es 0 igual k es 3 sera por k soy un o'hara.
by  Victor Ricardo O'Hara

694. A chara (dear Friend),
as part of the gathering in 2013 we are offering anyone called Dan O'Hara free admission to Dan O' Hara Homestead in Connemara. If your name isn't Dan but your surname is O' Hara we are offering 1/2 price admision to the homestead and 25% of a stay in our farmhouse B&B. Contact at: Facebook and at Connemara Heritage Centre.
Regards, Paula.
by  Paula at Dan O' Hara Farmhouse

695. Hi, I am looking for information about my great great grandfather Denis O'Hara who married Matilda Griffin in around 1865. Originally from Leitrim I believe but who settled in Fermanagh and had 11 children including my great grandfather John.
by  Martina O'Hara

696. Hi everyone. My O'Hara line is Daniel O'Hara Sr, born in Ireland about 1726, went to KY, USA; looking for something on him or his family before he left Ireland. I have everything on his line after he moved here, I am 6 gggggg granddaugther.
by  Diane Hurley

697. Hello, I have found the U.S. discharge papers of Michael O'hara from 1880. They state his birth place as Sligo, Ireland. It states his height at 5' 4", light complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. There are other facts, including his captain's name, company, regiment, etc. It is difficult to read some of the words due to the cursive that was handwritten in the appropriate blank spaces. It shows he served his 5 year contract from 1875-1880. If I can find a living relative I would like to get this to them. This was found in Germantown TN.
by  Clint Overstreet

698. I am trying to get in touch with Nursing Sister Agnes O'Hara or indeed any relatives of hers. Can anyone help me? Her last known address was in Ballymena, County Antrim.
Many Thanks.
by  Janice Pearce

699. Canadian World War I Veteran Lieutenant William Alexander O'Hara
        Recipient of British War Medal and Victory Medal (1925)

Extract from a letter to Cadet Major Andrew Hunter fom the Acting Director General, Commemoration Division, Veterans Affairs Canada:
I am writing on behalf of the Minister of Veterans Affairs in response to your correspondence regarding the service of Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara. I would first like to take this opportunity to respectfully acknowledge the dedicated service of your late cousin, Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara, during the First World War. All Canadians benefit from the many sacrifices made by those who served and we remain truly grateful to them.
While Veterans Affairs Canada does not keep files on former Canadian Forces personnel, the Department does have access to military service documents, which are maintained by Library and Archives Canada. Library and Archives Canada also maintains information on bravery medals, such as the Military Cross, found written on citation cards. The citation cards indicate every order and decoration awarded to the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during the First World War.
Departmental officials have obtained the service records for Lieutenant O’Hara through Library and Archives Canada. It was confirmed that he was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, both issued to him in 1925. I have enclosed a background sheet for each of these medals for your information ...We were not able to find indication that Lieutenant William Alexander O’Hara received the Military Cross.
Attachments:   British War Medal (pdf)   and   Victory Medal (pdf)
Previous messages about William Alexander O’Hara:       (message #550 )       (message #633 )
by  Andrew Hunter

700. Hi, I am looking for any decendents of my grandfather Patrick O'Hara, married Anna Styles of Vermont round 1936. He was born around 1904 and came to USA – Massachusettes – lived with his uncle for a while in Worcester.
by  Anna Brabazon


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