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226. Hello,
I am Joan 0'Hara Bates, age 68. I trace my paternal line to William Wilder 0'Hara, born 1846 in Quebec and who died in Wabasha City, MN where my father and grandfather 0'Hara were born. Our family story is that we are descended from Gen.Charles 0'Hara so we find all things written about him of interest. My daughter Tara found it all and sent it to me, but I only had this computer two months and am just learning. I am the last 0'Hara of my generation, I had 3 brothers from my father's 4 wives. My O'Hara men were polite, charming and loved to gamble and drinking was good too! .
Thank you for the info !
by  Joan 0'Hara Bates

227. James O'Hara (b.1814), Hannah Vaughn O'Hara (b.1820) and children
James O'Hara (b. 1814) and Hannah Vaughn O'Hara (b.1820) arrived in New York, July 1850, with children: Denis (b.1843), Bryan (b.1845) and James (b.1850 on ship). James Jr. married Bridget Hogan in Chicago abt. 1873. Parents names were on the death certificate of James, Jr. I'm looking for any information on James, Hannah, Denis and Bryan.
Thank you,
Fran Luby
by  Fran Luby

228. New Jersey O'Hara's
I enjoyed this website alot. I have always wanted to trace my family's roots, but my father has very little information for us to go on. Maybe one day I'll get all the information I need.
Colleen in NJ
by  Colleen O'Hara Manning

229. Anyone that may be kin
I know nothing of my grandparents other than my grandmother's name was Mary Daly and my grandfather was either a John or Joseph, a r.r man in Ft. Dodge or Council Bluffs, Iowa; my dad was born in 1896 or 1898 as Joseph Faber O'Hara. Mary had several sisters.
James Patrick O'Hara
by  James Patrick O'Hara

230. Pembina, North Dakota ?
Another O'Hara looking for, and offering up, anything that I know about relatives from the Pembina, ND clan. Brandon O'Hara
by  Brandon O'Hara

231. Hi,
I am trying to find info on my Great Grandfather Joseph O'Hara. He was born somewhere in Ireland possibly the northern coast about 1844. He moved to Canada at the age of 19 after finishing an apprenticeship as a shoemaker. He possibly came to Canada with the man who trained him, a Mr Miller. He had several children with his wife Mary Rebecca Burchill-O'Hara. All the children died but one (my Grandfather James O'Hara).
Does anyone have any suggestions how I could find out where my Great Grandfather was from exactly and who were his parents?
Many Thanks,
Shannon O'Hara
by  Shannon O'Hara

232. Our O'Hara ancestor who moved from Ireland to Scotland (mid 1840s)
Our earliest known O'Hara ancestor migrated to Scotland as a bridge builder, we believe mid 1840s. He helped on bridges in Ayrshire; he was a Navvie (?) - a bridge builder. He married Mary McClelland in Ayr, and their children were Robert (1856), our ancestor, Charles, Sarah, Anne Jane, Peter, Elizabeth. No information about where In Ireland he came from, or whether he was a boy, a young man or an adult. Believe his birth to be mid 1830s or earlier. Have no information on the other children beyond 1881 census.
Where are all those with the name of O'Hara who migrated to Scotland ?
Colleen (O'Hara) Slater
by  Colleen (O'Hara) Slater

233. O'Hara or O'Hora from Pennsylvania
My husband's family apparently changed the name from O'Hora to O'Hara at some point here in the States. Some of our relatives are O'Hora's from Pennsylvania. I am working with them to try and find our origins. Any help would be much appreciated!
I'd love to hear from any of you.
Ramona Hillier-O'Hara
by  Ramona Hillier-O'Hara

234. Christopher O'Hara's «Field Guide to Great American Beer»
I am the author of 6 books, including the upcoming "Field Guide to Great American Beer" (2006, Clarkson Potter/Random House). My family lives in Lloyd Harbor NY, and I'm originally from NYC.
See more at
Christopher B. O'Hara
Webmaster's ps: see also at this site: Non-literary authors.
by  Christopher B. O'Hara

235. James O'Hara from Roscommon, lived in Schenectedy, NY (c.1890)
I am trying to find information on James O'Hara from Roscommon and who lived in Schenectedy NY in the 1880's and 1890's.
I may be able to help others with Roscommon ancestry.
John Higgins
by  John Higgins

236. The history page at this site and the tribe's history
It is nice to see this site online, is there any plan to add any more in the history area, or perhaps links?
Respecting the tribe's history I have a copy of a book titled: "The Book of O'Hara", lots of tales of fighting and it's aftermath, have you heard of it? I have heard various stories about the name "Eadhra" and that our origins are near Tara and all. The movie "Gone with the wind" didn't help matters. Does Eadhra refer to a tribe and is there any reliable history connected to the name?
Congratations and best wishes on your progress.
Dan O'Hara
Webmaster's reply: ... The intention is (in due course) to add biographical information on those O'Haras listed in the One Hundred Renowned O'Haras page. Contributions (or links) based on reliable historical sources are welcome. Regarding "The Book of O'Hara", see Father Frank's message (#57in the database of messages) ...
by  Dan O'Hara

237. Australian O'Hara's
Hello to all the O'Hara's out there, especially those in Australia. I don't know anything about my ancestry but am keen to learn.
Elizabeth O'Hara
by  Elizabeth O'Hara

238. Hi, what an interesting site!! I'm from London and have lived here all my life. I am of Irish descent, and am living in london with my Mum.
by  Shannon O'Hora

239. Hello frm the United Arab Emerates!
Hello Everyone! What a pleasure to discover so many O'Hara's! Although born in Lancashire, UK, I have spent the last 30 years travelling around the world teaching English...and have never actually bumped into any dear namesakes, but it's lovely to know that you are there...somewhere! I'm currently living in Sharjah, near Dubai in the UAE. Not many O'Hara's here I suspect! I would love to hear from other O'Hara's.
All the best to you all
Wendy O'Hara
by  Wendy O'Hara

240. this is a great resource. helped me with a geneology project.
by  Bush

241. Another O'Hara clan, from Youngstown, OH
Hello - I am the last O'Hara of a group from Youngstown, OH. My dad is James Joseph Jr, son of James Joseph, Sr. We have many relatives in California, too!
I am so glad to have found this site!
Shannon M. O'Hara
by  Shannon M. O'Hara

242. hola / hello from Lima, Peru !
hi! I'm Charles O'Hara, I'm from Lima, Peru and I lived all my life here ... there are very few O'Haras in Peru ... well more about me I'm in my late 10's, a university student (wanna-be-chef) I also have japanese blood and I'm a very cultural person, I love to learn new languages since my studies are tourism/hotel managament-related ... so far I know japanese, spanish and english. I'm also the webmaster of a japanese music website (in spanish); the link is:, yeiy I forgot ... my O'Hara great-grandfather born in Liverpool, England ... nice to meet you all.
by  Charles O'Hara

243. Hi im Kerri-lee O'hara and im trying to locate all my irish family im 18 years old and live in england with my mum.
by  Kerri O'Hara

244. JUST HELLO. I am Karen O'Hara born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
by  Karen O'Hara

245. H or h? Capitalization of the "h" in O'Hara
Does anyone have a preference on the capitalization of the "h"? I have had this question for a while but it seems that I'm correctly capitalizing it according to the site heading.
Hats off to all lucky enough to have such a cool last name.
by  Sheila O'Hara

246. Looking for a Maurice O'Hara (born ca 1944)
My name is Angela, and I'm looking for a Maurice O'Hara.He lived in Alberta in 1965, he would have been 21 at this time. He had a brother who would have been 15, his father was a mechanic and his mother a housewife. He was a bush pilot. Very important that I find him or a relative of his. Thank you for your site!
Angela Hearns
by  Angela Hearns

247. Looking information regarding the Galway O'Hara's
Update to message of June 10, 2004/ message #149 in database of messages
Hello cousins, I'm Chris, son of John James,.grandson of James O'Hara (from Galway) and Sarah (Sally) Haynes (from Cork City). Could any of you contact me with any information regarding the Galway O'Hara's (possibly Tuam or Clifden). Grandfather James and his twin brother John hailed from there-abouts.My Father was beleived to be the last of his line, not-so – last contact was made around 1952. Cheers!
by  Christopher F. O'Hara

248. Want to know my ancestors ...
My grandfather's name: Thomàs O'Hara McPhearson ... year 1880 (estimated) ... arrived in Lima, Perù ... he was a sailor ... he married Julia Montoya a Peruvian, etc. Any news?
Thank you,
Hèctor O'Hara
by  Hèctor O'Hara

249. Looking for O'Hara's who lived in Youngstown, Ohio
I am looking for information regarding O'Hara's that lived in Youngstown, Ohio. My grandpa William O'Hara married Mary Dolan and they had 2 kids Dorothy O'Hara and William O'Hara. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver on New Yr. Eve. Way back in 1943. If anyone knows any information on this group of O'Hara please email me. I am heading to Ireland THIS WEEK and would love to find out something about them.
Thanks and great website!
Trish Dempsey
by  Trish Dempsey

250. Mary O'Hara from County Cork to Casterton, England, about 1860
Greetings from New Zealand. My grand-mother's grand-mother, was Mary O'Hara from County Cork in Ireland. I know very little about her. But I do know that she gave birth to a son 24 March 1860 at Casterton in Northern England. That son grew up to be known as Hugh McCrone Connal. As a young man he left England and ended up in the South Seas, never to return to England. Hugh Connal is my great-grand father. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any information regarding a "Mary O'Hara" who lived in the north of England during the years before and after 1860. Regards,
Howard Henry
by  Howard Henry


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