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701. Being involved in the compilation of a family tree I am looking for anyone who may have known my uncle Lawrence Edward O'Hara who was born in Cloongreaghan, Cootehall, Boyle, Co Roscommon, Ireland on the 6/Jan/1906. He was a Sgt in the US Army during World War 11. He died on 20 Jan 1956 in the US in a construction accident. It is believed that he was married but may have been separated or divorced when he died. He is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetry in St Louis.
by  William J. O'Hara

702. Hi. Nice site! My mother's great grandfather was Martin O'Hara. He came to the U.S. in 1848 and we guess his age at 15 when he made the journey. He had two daughters and six grandchildren. I'd be his great, great grand daughter. I'm stumped at 1848 though....I don't know what ship he was on, nor county origin, nor point of departure or arrival. Any tips for my research??
by  Valerie Cichanowicz

703. My Husband's name is MICHAEL O'HARA and his great, great grandparents left Ireland sometime between 1847-1851. ANTHONY O'HARA - born ? 1811, married MARY CORCORAN - ? 1811. They had 5 children who were born in Ireland … CATHERINE, born 1836, THOMAS, born 1839, MICHAEL, born 1843, ELLEN, born 1845, and ANN, born 1847 ... then one more child after arriving in Canada - JOHN, born May 5 1851. We know that they traveled to Canada sometime after Ann's birth in 1847 and their last son was born in Canada in 1851, but have not been able track any connections in Ireland prior to immigrating to Canada. Any info would be appreciated.
by  Nancy O'Hara

704. I am looking for information on the family of Father Denis O'Hara born in Cloonacool, County Sligo, Ireland. His father was Paddy O'Hara and I believe his mother was Mary Brennan O'Hara. He was one of six children, five boys and one girl, Mary, who never married. One of his brothers was Father Roger O'Hara. I am looking for the name of Paddy's father and mother. I believe Mary Brennan was the daughter of Walter Brennan. I am looking for her mother's name.If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.
PS.   I think Paddy was born in 1825 as was his wife Mary. Father Denis was born born in 1850 but I do not have the exact date. He died on 4/26/1922 in Kiltimagh. His brother Roger was about 10 years older and he died on 11/19/1924 in Kilmovee. The other brothers were James O'Hara ( a doctor), Patrick O'Hara (a farmer) and Peter O'Hara (a businessman). I do not have their birth or death dates. I think Mary was born about 1856.
by  Sharon Kuhn

705. I have just read a message from Kevin O'Hara Nov 15th 2011 (= Message number 655). He is asking about Patrick O'Hara. From what he said Patrick was my Great Grandfather. He married Mary Sullivan. They were both from Co Mayo . They moved from Liverpool to Lumb in Lancashire where Mary died. Their children were Mary, Ann, John, Michael, Thomas, William and James. James was my grandfather. Patrick died aged 67 in Lumb.
by  Jean Moolgaoker

706. My name is Margaret Brent O'Hara Jacocks. My dad was John A. O'Hara, his dad was Harry F. O'Hara, and Harry's dad was John Ambrose O'Hara. Harry and John were born in Pittsburgh; John's parents were born in Ireland. Does anyone know anything about this line?
by  Margaret Brent O'Hara Jacocks

707. I am William O'Hara from Melbourne, Australia. I am looking for any information on Joseph O'Hara, born 1834 in "Rush"(?), Ireland, married Margaret Carroll on the 5th October 1863 in Dublin, and emigrated to Melbourne, possibly in 1864. They had their first child, Margaret O'Hara in Melbourne in 1865. Regards!
by  William (Bill) O'Hara

708. Looking for any info on Abraham O'Hara born in lower Canada in 1820-25. He eventually came to live in Maine. Primarily need names of his father mother and any siblings.
by  Madeleine (O'Hara?)

709. Hello, Am researching O'Haras who lived in Philadelphia beginning in 1850s. Hannah O'Hara married Michael Welsh about 1860. Her parents were Margaret Catherine and John or Patrick O'Hara. Possibly from County Galway. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pat.
by  Pat Meriwether

710. Hello, my first name is O'Hara. I am the daughter of Thomas Francis Costello who is from Matawan, New Jersey. My father has 9 brothers and sisters. Costello is black Irish. Costello is black Irish and often thought to be of Italian descent when thes left Spain and went to Ireland. Here are many black Irish with olive skin, dark eyes, dark hair and we are all black Irish. My true full given name is: O'Hara Jane Costello. Interested in knowing if there are any others with O'Hara as 1st name??? Get back to me if your 1st name is O'Hara, love to talk to you!!! Much love to all. O'Hara is a beautiful name and I'm pround that I am. Bless my parents who gave me a name so unique as O'Hara for my first name, with kind regards to all! O'Hara Costello. Contact me at the email address below.
by  O'Hara Jane Costello

711. Patricia Ann Moran, from Scranton PA, Wilkes Barre, is looking for a past friend Patrick O'Hara who would be approx. 75 or so. Patricia Ann Moran married Stanley Frank Kaminski. He has since passed away approx. 15 years ago. She would love to catch up, if possible.
by  Susan Ferguson

712. hi my great greatgrandmother was called Mary O'Hara ive been told her father was a blacksmith in drumbo northern ireland. She married Edward Gordon from Derryaghy n.i., they had 3 sons Edward, Charles and David and maybe a daughter called Jane; this is in and around 1830 to 1909. Hope you can shead some light on this, many thanks.
by  Edward Gordon

713. Hello, I am a decendent of Mabel E. O'Hara (Jan 5, 1904-June 23, 1986), Daughter of John W. O'Hara (Feb. 22, 1873 - Nov. 10, 1949), Grand daughter of James O'Hara from Galway, Ireland (Feb. 1, 1837 - April 12, 1912). James, John, Mabel, and I all live(d) in Ohio.
by  Amy Fox

714. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, never knew there are so many of us O'Hara's out there.
by  Anne O'Hara

715. Hi, I am the great grandson of Bridget (O'Hara) Welch, born in County Cork Ireland 1869 and died in Massachusetts (Brockton) 1969 - lived to be 100 years old. Her husband was Patrick Welch (sometimes spelled Welsh) from County Claire Ireland, born 1858 and died 1936. They had seven children - Helena, Thomas, Dan, Henry, Edward, Anne and Mary. Her daughter, Mary (Welch) Kirk was my maternal grandmother born 1897 and died 1953 (buried in Lynn). She married Walter Kirk, a Navy pilot born 1898 died 1939 (airplane crash at Fore Rivers shipyard in Quincy), and raised their family in Quincy, Mass. Right now, trying to piece together family history.
by  Mark Allen

716. I am an O'Hara by birth. My Father was John Percy O'Hara, his father was Peter O'Hara, all born in Ontario, Canada. Peter was married to Charlotte Prosser. My mother was Edith Ruth Van Steinburgh. I would like to know where & when my O'Haras came to Canada. Thanks. D. Burson.
by  Dolores Burson

717. Hello, my name is Victoria O'Hara, my father was Willaim O'Hara, he passed in 1966, grandfather Stanely James O'Hara and my GGfather was Joseph O'Hara. They lived in Toronto and had a farm in the Oakwood and Vaughn area. Would love to hear back from anyone that might know them.
by  Victoria O'Hara

718. FYI and info that may be of use for researching an O'Hara family of Pennsylvania, Scranton and Carbondale areas, plus other cities
Here below is a weblink to an online folder containing an O'Hara family tree (cut into 4 jpegs) dating from post 1924. It contains addresses of individuals at that time who are second cousins. I know the date is post 1924 because of my grandfather's family's address is noted for Panama City, FL. Prior to 1924, the Edward Aloysius O'Donnell family was living in California.
The tree has the second cousins, first cousins and aunts and uncles and if I understand the document the parents are listed at the top of the page.
The document appears to be have been made and mailed out for the purpose of tracking down individuals for an inheritance.
Edward A. O'Donnell begat Edwin James O'Donnell who begat James Madison O'Donnell, me.
Please use and share the contents of the folder with those to whom it may be of interest.
James Madison O'Donnell
by  James Madison O'Donnell

719. I am looking into my family tree. My great grandfather was John O'Hara possibly born Galway. His son my Grandfather was Patrick O'Hara born around 1885 born Galway. John married Catherine Concannon born approx late 1880's who was from Roscommon. Children of my grandparents were Mary, Kathleen, Lillian and Terrence who was my father. Any information would be welcome.
by  Jacqueline O'Hara

720. I have just come across this website and discovered that someone originates from the same village (Stonepark, Foxford, Co. Mayo) and with the same surname O'Hara. My father originated from Stonepark, and was O'Hora (as was my grandparents). The entry I saw was :- 592. HI all we are christened O`Hara but just found out we are actually O`Hora. spell mistake. so how many O`Hara`s are actually O`Hora. we were origanaly from.... stonepark, foxford, county mayo, ireland. need to correct the name somehow, any ideas!!!! 2010-10-01 by Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora). Is there anyway of contacting the writer or letting them know? Thank you — Margaret Birtwhistle (nee O'Hara).
Webmaster: The entry you found is message number 592 in our database. It was first posted in this guest book. Scroll down this page to October 1, 2010 to find it and the contact e-mail address left by Brendan O`Hara (O`Hora).
by  Margaret Birtwhistle (nee O'Hara)

721. Do you have listings for O'Hara's in New Zealand? My mother-in-law, Winifred Nancy O'Hara, is from New Zealand and I believe her father's family immigrated there from Ireland. I seem to recall Sam O'Hara followed his brother from a town north of Belfast (County Antrim).
James Peffall from Woodstock, MD.
Webmaster's reply:
Of the more than 700 messages posted at this site the numbers 250, 298, 300, 557 and 647 refer to New Zealand. Here is the link:
In the "persons" database the numbers 067, 323, 535, 653 and 1054 refer to New Zealand. These are entry numbers from the "O'Hara Genealogy Forum". Here is the link:
Of the more than 1900 messages there, I have analysed to date the data from about the first 1200. The database is therefore not complete. Here is the link:
Hope you get a lead on your mother-in-law's family.
by  James Peffall

722. my father was Joseph Patric O'Hara II married to Beatriz Kadala giving me 12 brothers and sisters: Teresa, Joe P. III, Robert, Monica, Christopher, Mark, Me, Oona, Emmette, Mathew, Christina, Steve and Thomas. His father is Joseph Patrick O'Hare (Rep. MN) married to Leila Lee White, his parents Patrick O'Hara and Catharine Doyle (Ireland) two younger brothers; Edward and Terry.
by  Moira Leila O'Hara

723. Hi, I live in Marin County, CA, and am the daughter of Lori Cecilia O'Hara (MY mom passed tho on 12.27.08) and granddaughter of Thomas J. O'Hara and Coral O'Hara of San Francisco and San Rafael, CA. My second cousins are Francis and Kathleen O'Hara of New York and San Francisco.
by  Jamie O'Hara

724. My great grandmother was Sabina O'Hara Hurley of Connecticut. Her son was Robert Augustine Hurley, a former governor of Ct. Does anyone know if she/they are related to Charles Hurley, former governor of Massachusetts? Thanks.
by  Lee Webber

725. Looking for relatives of the Hugh O'Hara family who co-owned a grave site in Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden MA with my great grandfather James Foley son of Briget O'Hara and Patrick Foley.
by  Tom Lamey


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